How to apply
Skinlayers Skins

Learn the simple steps to apply your new skin flawlessly. Our guide ensures a bubble-free, perfect fit every time, transforming your device in minutes. Follow along and give your tech a stylish new look with ease!

What You’ll Need:

  • Your mobile skin
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning solution (or water with a drop of dish soap)
  • Hairdryer (optional but helpful)


  1. Prepare Your Device:

    • Clean your phone with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution.
    • Ensure it’s completely dry.
  2. Align the Skin:

    • Carefully peel the skin from its backing.
    • Align it with your phone’s edges and features (camera, buttons, etc.).
  3. Apply the Skin:

    • Press the skin onto the phone starting from the center, smoothing outwards to avoid bubbles.
    • Use a hairdryer on low to help the skin adhere to curves and edges.
  4. Finish Up:

    • Check for and smooth out any air bubbles.
    • Ensure all edges are firmly pressed down.

Enjoy your newly styled phone!